Presbyopia : Signs and Symptoms

Presbyopia is an eye condition caused by the gradual thickening and loss of flexibility of the natural lens inside your eye. It is typically associated with aging, although certain lifestyles may allow for earlier onset of symptoms.

Lifestyle & Risk Factors

  • You are in your late 30s or older.
  • You are experiencing some or most of the signs and symptoms of Presbyopia
  • You work in vision intensive jobs. 
  • You frequently use digital devices or digital screens at arm's length.

Presbyopia in the Digital Age

When to see an Optician/Optometrist

In general, it is recommended to consult a professional such as an optician or optometrist before making any decision regarding your eye health.

  • When the symptoms begin to affect your productivity at work or when performing certain tasks. 
  • When you are unable to enjoy normal activities or hobbies that require good vision.
  • When you're not sure of what eye condition you have. The best way to determine if you have presbyopia is through a basic eye exam.
  • When you want more information on the available solutions based on your needs and lifestyle. 
  • You should also make it a point to visit an optician/optometrist atleast once a year to get your eyes tested to check for other vision problems.

Solutions To Presbyopia



Eyeglasses are the most common solution to vision problems including presbyopia. Prescription glasses such as progressive lenses  can provide both corrective and aesthetic benefits to wearers.


Contact lenses

People with presbyopia can also opt for multifocal contact lenses as an alternative to eyeglasses.


Eye Surgery

More invasive procedures such as eye surgery are available, but with associated risks.


Visit Our Experts

It is always better to consult your eyecare professional such as optician/optometrist if you want to know more about Presbyopia and the solutions available to you.