How much do progressive lenses cost? Type of Essilor progressive lenses

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How much do progressive lenses cost? Type of Essilor progressive lenses

If you have difficulty seeing at close distances or have impaired vision due to age, progressive lenses may be the optimal solution for people with presbyopia. Progressive lenses integrate multiple areas of vision on the lenses, helping wearers have sharp vision at all distances: far, intermediate and near, and comfortable in all activities from entertainment to work, travel.

However, many people wonder how much do progressive lenses cost? As well as how to choose the right lenses? The following article Essilor will answer in detail about types of lenses.

visual impairment due to presbyopia

Why choose progressive lenses?

Wearing the wrong glasses can cause problems in addition to discomfort or poor vision. It can cause headaches and even migraines, due to the need to squint and strain your eyes to see better.

In addition, for people with presbyopia (people who have difficulty seeing close up due to aging eyes, especially after the age of 40), each person's needs for life activities will be different, so the choice of lenses should be the best convenience for comfort in daily work as well as maximum eye protection.

In case you have to see far, such as driving, playing sports, or doing outdoor activities, you need to wear glasses with degrees to see far. On the contrary, when looking almost like reading a book, using a phone, working with a computer, you need to wear glasses to see up close.

Here's a comparison of the features that differentiate between the 3 popular types of presbyopia:

  • Reading glasses are prescribed to help people see close up. These spectacles cannot be used to see in the distance, so the wearer will continually find it necessary to remove the reading glasses when looking at people, when talking to them, when watching television, or looking across the room or street.
  • Multifocal lenses enable the wearer to focus on both near and distance and, depending on the lens type, on middle distances, without removing his or her glasses. There are three main kinds of multi-focal lenses: progressive, bifocal and trifocal.
  • Progressive lenses do not have definite dividing lines between the different portions of the lens as they merge into each other, unlike bifocal or trifocal lenses. With a progressive lens, the power changes gradually from distance correction through the intermediate powers to the reading prescription.

The most popular choice of correction of presbyopia is a progressive lense, or varifocals as they are also called.

That is also the reason why progressive lenses often cost more than other lenses, because they have a complex design with more than a million points of calculation, the parameters must be precise to cut and shape the lenses, both meet the personalization for each person, improve the maximum visibility, efficiency for users.

Understanding that, Essilor has developed mid-to-high-end progressive lens designs to help sharpen the field of view and optimize vision in all activities, meeting the diverse and active lifestyles of customers today.

How much does Essilor progressive lenses cost?

Essilor® experts have created exclusive coatings with ground-breaking technology and tailored to each person's lifestyle and needs to help you fully enjoy life to the fullest extent possible. .

Essilor's progressive brand is the perfect solution for presbyopia, recommended by experts. Here's useful information about the popular Essilor premium progressive lenses on the market with advanced technology.

Kính đa tròng Essilor tốt nhất thị trường

Essential lenses

Essentials lenses include 3 types to suit each wearer's needs and activity style:


Essilor Essentials Home & Work: 

Need for near and intermediate vision - Suitable for office workers who need a comfortable pair of glasses to look at computers, read books, documents.

  • People who do not have a long distance vision or do not wear glasses often
  • People who often work almost look at computers and phones.
  • People who are wearing monofocals read books or see far away.

Essentials Home & Work multifocal lens price from 2,000,000 VND to 5,000,000 VND

Essilor Essentials Everyday:

Need to see near to far - Suitable for everyone, 3 areas of far, intermediate and near vision are harmoniously designed so that 1 pair of glasses can be used continuously during the day.

  • Multifocal newbies looking for a comfortable and adaptable solution
  • People who used to wear multifocal lenses want to upgrade to better lenses

Essentials Everyday progressive lenses price from 1,800,000 VND - 10,000,000 VND

Essilor Essentials Active:

Demand for many activities - Suitable for people on the move, optimal in all 3 viewing areas for comfort when moving.

  • Multifocal newbies looking for the ultimate solution for everyday activities.
  • People with an active lifestyle need sharp vision and smooth transitions when moving.

Essentials Active progressive lens price: from 2,000,000 VND - 10,000,000 VND

Varilux® Liberty

Varilux® Liberty brings you sharp vision at all distances, near and far with smooth adjustments in-between. It is a harmonious solution that offers clear vision and easy adaptation in all activities, suitable for those looking for a high-end progressive solution at an affordable price.

Optimized for each wearer, the Path Optimizer™ lens technology will generate a precise and optimal viewing path, from far to near and everything in between, so that each and every part of the viewing path matches the wearer’s eyesight.

Varilux® Liberty progressive lenses price from 4,000,000 VND - 15,000,000VND depending on the refractive index and upgrade layer of other coating features.

Varilux® Comfort Max

Varilux Comfort Max lenses are designed to adjust to your patient's unique natural postures, and not the other way around, providing enhanced postural flexibility and a stretched useful vision zone for all-day-long vision comfort.


Powered by Flex Optim™ Technology, the latest in progressive lens technology, Varilux Comfort Max lenses are a tailor-made solution which stretches a wearer’s useful vision zone by up to 46%, granting the wearer the postural flexibility to see a given focal point from many angles..

Varilux® Comfort Max progressive lenses price from 6,000,000 VND - 20,000,000 VND depending on the refractive index and upgrade layer of other coating features.

Varilux® Physio 3.0
Varilux® Physio multi-focal lenses give you sharp natural vision with unequaled contrast in any light conditions.

he new Binocular Booster technology manages this difference along the meridian line; this provides effortless vision through perfectly seamless transitions between near and distance vision zones. Varilux® Physio® 3.0 lenses use WAVE 2.0 technology to remove those distortions and provide sharp vision even in low light conditions.
Varilux® Physio 3.0 multifocal lenses price from 10,000,000 VND - 20,000,000 VND depending on the refractive index and upgrade layer of other coating features.

Expert advice to help you choose the best glasses

In order to choose the best progressive lenses, it is not enough to decide based on price and brand alone, so you will need to have accurate measurements and be consulted according to your life needs to design suitable progressive lenses.

If you need help choosing lenses for yourself, see your ophthalmologist or consultant to perform a cost-benefit analysis while considering other factors and finding the type of Essilor lenses suits you best.