5 reasons you need a backup pair of glasses

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5 reasons you need a backup pair of glasses


Keeping a backup pair of eyeglasses is fundamental for keeping your vision routine up to par. This goes for many unforeseen circumstances — from accidental frame damage and loss to eye injury and infection.

After all, both subtle and extreme interruptions to your vision can be frustrating and inconvenient. Consider these scenarios for when a backup pair of glasses may come in handy:


1. Accidents happen

Backup glasses are important in case of accident

Eyeglasses can break unexpectedly, whether they are accidentally dropped, stepped on or bent the wrong way. Pets and small children have also been known to cause damage to eyeglasses on occasion.

Temporary fixes for broken glasses are just that — temporary. Having an extra pair of glasses can be less stressful in the case of such accidents, at least until your primary pair is repaired.

Aside from accidental damage, glasses are often lost — especially during special events and travel. Bringing a backup pair of glasses with you can provide peace of mind when you’re away from home.


2. In case of an eye injury or irritation

Backup glasses are useful in case of eye injury or irritation

If you injure your eye, or if you develop an eye infection, you may have to stop wearing contact lenses for a while. In this case, a backup pair of glasses is vital.

Eye irritation from makeup or allergies may also call for a break from your contact lenses.

Note: If you experience symptoms such as eye redness, pain, secretions or blurring, remove your contact lenses as soon as possible, switch to your eyeglasses and consult an eye care professional.


3. To read clearly up close

Backup glasses are useful to read up close

Changes in vision are a natural part of the aging process. Specifically, at around age 40, adults may begin to experience presbyopia, which makes it difficult to read small print up close. It’s the reason many opt for reading glasses or progressive lenses to aid their vision.


If you don’t wear progressive lenses, a separate pair of reading glasses can be supplementary to your everyday glasses. Keeping a backup pair of readers can also be beneficial to have during unexpected errands or other circumstances when you may need to read a menu, label or chart.


4. For various activities

Backup glasses are useful for various activities

Some frames are more suitable for certain activities, and should be used primarily for their intended purpose. For example, safety glasses can protect your eyes when you do carpentry or yard work, and sports eyewear such as goggles and face shields offer protection from balls, bats, mallets and even elbows and fingers.

Special occasions, such as weddings and job interviews, may call for a more elegant pair of glasses — making fashion another reason to keep a secondary pair of spectacles.


5. In case of emergency

Backup glasses are important in case of emergency

Soft contact lenses sometimes tear and need to be replaced — either with new lenses, or by substituting them with eyeglasses. Contacts can also catch dust particles or cause other irritation that requires a readjustment. Keep in mind that contacts should only be handled with the proper contact solution, which may not always be readily available.

Some situations, such as swimming, may require you to remove your contacts entirely. If this is the case, be sure to have a backup pair of glasses ready, or at least a storage case and solution.

Though these are some of the most common circumstances for needing an extra pair of glasses, there are many more to prepare for. In any case, having a backup plan will serve your vision well.

Need an extra pair of glasses? Find an eye care professional near you to discuss your options.